To fulfill my life-long interest in Canada’s history, I completed studies at the undergraduate and master’s level at, respectively, the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, and Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. While living in Toronto, for over seven years I was co-author of Historicist, a weekly local history column on Torontoist, exploring the city’s cultural, sporting, criminal, political, First Nations histories, and any other story I thought readers might find interesting. We were honoured with a National Magazine Award (NMA) in 2013, as well as NMA nominations and Heritage Toronto Award nominations in other years. My writing has also appeared in Spacing, ActiveHistory.ca, the Canadian Encyclopedia, and elsewhere.

Historicist is still going strong, but family and work have brought me back to British Columbia, where I’d spent my high school years. We’ve settled into New Westminster, and I’ve been reading and researching the city’s history since we arrived. This website is intended as a place for me to occasionally post snippets of historical anecdotes, archival photos, and notes on research in progress as I seek to better understand New West’s past.

All opinions are my own, although I’ll try to include source citations for everything. I welcome feedback, comments, or reminisces on topics being covered. To get in touch, email: stump-field [at] shaw.ca